Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions

"Hey, you don't have to Google me under the table to find out my secrets! LOL! I'm an open book! I live my life under the glare of publicity and bright lights. Yes, ten years of high-profile litigation, since 2007 and counting, have impacted, detoured, stalled and roadblocked my creative works...I expect a conclusion to this nightmare saga...a happy ending to the story...soon!" — TJ Fisher, 2018

Rollout of clothing label and perfume has been delayed. New website launch in the works...more information shortly...stay tuned...whoo-hoo...!

Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions is TJ Fisher’s New Orleans-based fashion house, designing and creating original "Victorianurbanite" clothing for unique women.

Somewhere between the mercurial spirit of offhand and downtown, gentility and glitter, rock and royal, therein lies the soul and essence of Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions.

The drama-laced outré style is for those who are not great believers in restraint, for the woman who wants to be noticed and make heads turn.

With the colorful people, places and history of New Orleans as a backdrop, Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions is a vividly distinct label. From the heart of a storied city brimming with romance and corrosion, sophistication and tawdriness, the fashion line is meant for cool and independent chic-hunters, for urbane warrior-poet fashionistas.

Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions is saturated with an attitude irreverent with a theatrical edge, defiant with an irresistible look-at-me character.

The surprising style embraces the city's palette of one-of-a-kind offbeat characters, culture, quirkiness and beauty. The melting-pot look celebrates a juxtaposition of couture-clad and urban in equal measure — androgyny and class, grit and glamour, grande dame and seductress — street-smart inventiveness that breaks the rules with aplomb.

For three hundred years New Orleans, a city of embellishment and burlesque, has celebrated memorable clothing choices for unforgettable women.

Mystique-laden muses mix and master a modern cocktail of old-world lavish and new-world panache. A retrospective of high-wattage nostalgia, bohemian glam, retro charm, satirical choices and heirloom pieces, Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions spells kicky and vintage-inspired fashion palmistry.

The fashion house draws strands of inspiration from the city's mesmeric mingling of proper and café society, of intriguing highbrow and lowbrow street attitude — garments that blur and blend the boundaries of yesteryear and today.

Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions is a richly layered and individualistic way of dressing for the unconventionally voguish, for those iconoclastic style mavens and fashion mavericks with a theatrical flourish. Afar from the hallowed halls and garment districts of Paris and New York, there is spellbinding New Orleans, a poetic labyrinth of iron-lace and statuary frozen in time. There is no place quite like it and there never will be again.

Louisiana has a legacy of many lifetimes of passionate, flamboyant and parading women, magnificent and meaningful larger-than-life personalities, woman of many mindsets, passions, nationalities and exotic traditions.

Leaving an indelible mark on the world are the ladies of New Orleans: femme fatales, noblewomen, glamour girls, baronesses, placées, literary lionesses, nuns, singers, Mardi Gras maids, jazz musicians, restaurateurs, Creole belles, artists, burlesque dancers, Voodoo priestesses, entertainers, women of letters, politicians, sculptors, beauty queens, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, gens de couleur, society matriarchs, painters, shopkeepers, Storyville seductresses....

Their stories live on, their essence lingers, their threads remain, embedded deep within the fabric of New Orleans.

Vieux Carré 9th Ward Fashions — an effortless look of alluring contradictions, a mix-it-up arty disguise, a menagerie of old-school glamorous silhouettes featuring high-end retro melded with street poetry — is a label for feisty fashionistas and sensuous sirens with nonchalant inventiveness.

Orléans Embrace is the design house's collectible "etched-in-your-mind" perfume; sultry and evocative, the signature fragrance evokes the potent vapory mysteries, romance and secrets of a timeless city. This is New Orleans, captured in a decanter, everlasting.

The exotic and enticing fragrance Orléans Embrace is bold and lushly decadent — a signature scent that celebrates lingering passion and beauty beyond the touch of time.

A total eclipse of timelessness....